Guide to Google Ads for E Commerce Business Promotions

When there comes the turn to digital marketing for eCommerce business, there are numerous channels available from:
· Social media can enhance brand awareness and recognition.

· Email Marketing will always keep you active and alert for brand promotion.

· …And PPC (specifically Google Ads) helps you in steady growth

Why PPC for eCommerce?

PPC also known as (Pay Per Click) advertising is a favorite among eCommerce marketers—and for the better outcomes.

PPC Advertising = As the name suggests, these are the Ads, which appear on search engine result videos, pages, social media, websites and apps.

These kinds of ads are seen everywhere so that they get a whole view (Like a billboard on the

These ads appear everywhere, so they get a whole lot of views (like a billboard on the side of the highway). But the business owner doesn’t pay for views; they only pay when a user clicks.

PPC Advertising is about searching for the customers, who are ready to purchase through the search history, whole lot of data and audience type.

Why Opt Google Ads for E Commerce?

Google ADS are considered as the most effective form of PPC advertising on the planet.

We are highly trained to search on Google with each and every questions we have in our minds.

And Google is so much more than a search engine, it is also YouTube, email, apps (like Google Calendar), Google Maps, and Android.

Google generally collects basic information about us and therefore predict intending to— It signifies that Google can put someone who’s willing to purchase your product in front of your ad.

Is Google Ads Right for Your Business?

One more thing before we go any further:

Google Ads are considered as the most effective marketing platform on the globe, it isn’t right for everyone. It is quite essential to determine the Google Ads, which is the right platform for ecommerce business you could hit the ground running.

It generally takes time in building, launching and optimizing the campaign and check the result.

We are discussing here 7 questions to be considered in the initial phase:

Are you really ready to commit for scalable growth schedule?

Can you afford the ball rolling?

Do I know my close rates?

Do I know how many leads each month I need to make a profit?

Do I know how many leads I need to make a sale?

By establishing your specific goals, you can determine if you can successfully run a Google Ads campaign in the long-term.

What about the speed and quality of your website? It should be

· Mobile Responsive

· Easy to Use

· Informative

Do you handle an influx of traffic?

What is your audience size and locations? If you’re rural and local- with only a handful people nearby- your target audience size might be too small. In this case, Google Ads perhaps doesn’t make sense for your business.

How Google Ads Works Inside the Google Network

Now, we tend to think of Google as the search engine, right?

But the Google ecosystem is massive and includes:

· Google Maps

· Android

· YouTube

· Gmail

· Apps (think Google Calendar)

· The Google Display Network

How? Dynamic Prospecting.

Dynamic Prospecting makes use of user information about the current users and your products to get the new customers.

On the alternative hands, Dynamic Remarketing portrays the ads to those who previously visited your website or betrothed in your ads. You can take help of reputed digital marketing agency, who can help you with all types of digital solutions.